Upsetting the PC Applecart

All you Mac users out there are going to have an “I told you so” moment…yesterday, after using nothing but a PC for years, I finally succumbed to buying a MacBook Air (purchased at BestBuy). I never imagined I would transition from using a PC to a Mac and have always advised new writers to stick with a PC due to potential compatibility issues with their clients’ computers. At the same time, I have been impressed with the loyalty and fervor with which Mac users defend their choice of computers. I am beginning to see why.

The chain of events that led to a Mac purchase all started about 3 weeks ago when my tween was begging for an iPhone for Christmas. She got one of course, but as her mother, and owner of a 2-year old beat up Android Smartphone, I was not to be outdone. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to become completely enamored with my new iPhone (of course, Dear Hubbie, an iPhone user for years, is having his own “I told you so” moment).

About a week ago, my old Samsung laptop started getting more laggy and buggy than normal. Clearly, I needed a new laptop. I HAVE needed a new laptop; however, I have put off buying one because, while I respect Bill Gates and all Microsoft has done for this world, I passionately despise Windows 8 (and I think I have a lot of company in that). So yesterday, while I never would have predicted it, I found myself buying a Mac.

All I have done so far is take it out of the box, but even that experience was an odyssey into design brilliance. Akin to the first day on a new job, I feel mix of nervous excitement and fear as I prepare to get it set up. I hope to become comfortable quickly in this foreign, but, I think, more scenic place.

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