Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page?

Most of us freelance medical writers have a LinkedIn profile page, but how many of us have a company page? Only about 1% of LinkedIn members have a company page. And while not every LinkedIn user has their own business, 100% of freelance medical writers have their own business. Company pages not only establish credibility on LinkedIn, but they are also likely to show up in a Google search.

To create your company page, pull up your personal LinkedIn profile (under click on companies under interests), and then click on the yellow create button. To create a company page, you are required to have a business email address (ie, not yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc). Enter the name of your company in the company name box. Know, however, that whatever name you enter will form the basis of your LinkedIn url, so keep it simple and do not include spaces. It’s going to read name. Once that’s done, just click on continue and your page will be created.

Once you’ve created your company page, you can add a company description, probably similar to the “about” section from your website as well as a list of specialties, which can include up to 280 keywords. Underneath that, in Featured Groups, you can add any groups to which you belong. At the top, right hand side, you can choose a company type. It’s best to select privately held rather than self-employed. Choose your industry and number of employees. Then hit publish.

A company page enables interaction with other LinkedIn members as well as to the groups and the answers sections. Companies can participate in both the groups and answers sections to answer questions from other LinkedIn members and highlight expertise in a given area. LinkedIn also allows you to create custom campaigns as well as display recommendations from customers, peers and colleagues. In short, having a LinkedIn company page will enable potential clients to know, like and trust you and that goes a long way towards encouraging them to hire you.

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