High-Quality, Fast Turnaround Medical Writing Services

Hitt Medical Writing (HMW), LLC, is a US-based medical and scientific content development company that serves the medical education,  e-learning, and publishing industries.

We specialize in developing written medical or scientific content to your specifications, and we can produce a high volume of content within a tight deadline.

All of our writers have advanced science degrees, such as a PhD, PharmD, or MD. Our company coordinates the scientific expertise of our writers to produce accurate, high quality writing for large projects.

We produce the following types of medical/scientific content:

  • Online content
  • Medical news
  • eLearning modules
  • Continuing medical education (CME)
  • Manuscripts
  • Slide sets and slide notes
  • Needs assessments and grant proposals
  • Sales training modules

We also proofread, copyedit, reference, and fact check.

In summary, as long as it is medical/scientific in nature and involves the written word, we can do it! We are here to help you meet your deadlines. Large project? No problem!

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